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I'm Jeff Jochum, and thirty years ago the greatest business secret of my life was revealed to me. Since then, I've used it to create, grow, and help dozens of successful companies, making a lot of money and rewards for myself and others along the way. Now, I'm finally ready to share.



I want you to learn the “magic” that businesses like APPLE, ZAPPOS, and even LADY GAGA already know: the POWER that authenticity has on your brand message; the ATTRACTION of a truly unique identity; and, the STRENGTH of a purpose-based community to fanatically love you for it. I also know that science is at the core of all great magic. That science is based in behavioral psychographics, and it is the chemistry that lets me know why people buy what they buy when they buy. You can know this, too.

Over the last 30 years, I founded, bootstrapped and sold two companies of my own, licensing products to Computer Associates, Borland, and Microsoft. In 1997, I co-founded, and created e-Biz in a Box, 1999’s best-selling (non-Microsoft) small business product. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of leading the marketing teams at (acquired by equity giant Apax Ventures for $39 million) and then as Chief Marketing Officer at online superstars DeviantART & SmugMug. In 2009, I began working with start-ups and creative entrepreneurs, coaching them to success using the secrets found in this book.



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This book is about magic and science. The magic of creating brand loyalty, easily. The magic of increasing profits, effortlessly. The magic of attracting customers you love. And the science that makes magic happen.

At the heart of every company or personage you cherish lives the science and magic of an Authentically Unique Brand. By Uniqueing Your Brand you’ll see how to bake customer loyalty right into your brand message, without forcing huge changes to your business goals or model. You’ll find out how it will make you MORE of what you are already; MORE of what your business already does best; how to draw MORE customers who want to spend MORE money to your doorstep, All without spending more money on marketing collateral, promotions, taglines or logos.

Want Only "Great" Customers?

Learn the difference between bargainer, explorer, and exclusive customers, and how each of them make “buy decisions.”  (And, best of all, how to draw only the exclusives to your brand.)

Practical, Building-block "Elements"

Captured within are 18 powerfully basic elements or lessons that will guide you to the top of your market.  Sales, marketing, and profitability are all addressed as foundations of your success.

Unlock the Secrets of Your Luck

For Entrepreneurs, luck is defined as opportunity meeting preparation.  This is a book packed with great lessons, so you can make your own luck.


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Imagine a place where every step your business takes is forward. That’s the world of Authentically Unique Brands.

My workshops and presentations are designed specifically for creative entrepreneurs who want to build a successful business with the least amount of wasted energy and resources. In one, two or three fully-packed days (or even in a couple hours, if that's the spot) you will gain enough CLARITY to set goals, strategies and tactics, enabling you to map your success and always know where you are going; find the ONE thing that makes you special in your market and express it in 10 words or less; stop wasting time and money learning about business the “hard way.”



This is the most effective and intense way for creative entrepreneurs to get where they want to go.

Personal 1to1 Coaching is designed for those entrepreneurs who want to accomplish more than simply integrating a successful Specialism Brand marketing in their current business. Jeff’s personal coaching students also desire to master the foundational principles of Specialism Brand strategies, so they can continually reassess the usefulness and message for their own businesses, as well as teach other businesses how to leverage it for their businesses, as a Coach. Think of this as my “PhD” program.



Jeff Jochum Consulting LLC

Business Consulting is aimed at helping startup IDEAS (whether with new companies or established entrepreneurial businesses) reach higher and faster to the next level of their success.

It begins with a 360 degree review of your current business status, followed by a concerted effort to determine the best strategy, position and messaging, as well as shortcuts on some of the operational growth and outsourcing advice. Once you are balanced and moving forward, we’ll focus on execution and growth.


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Below are a few companies I have either helped launch or have used extensively in my own career. I trust them with my reputation (or they wouldn't be on my site.)

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Their primary goal is to enable the broadest possible base of speakers for the greatest diversity and perspective in helping people succeed… in eight minutes or less.


Shoot Dot Edit

Aimed at Wedding Photographers, these guys will do everything you need to be successful, except shoot the wedding.


Just the world’s best damn web designer for creative people. Period.